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Surgical Institute Opening 2023

Coming in 2023: A New Generation of Surgical Care

The Jupiter Medical Center Surgical Institute

Jupiter Medical Center’s vision for advanced, world-class surgical care and healthcare innovation is evident in plans for a new, standalone 90,000-square-foot Surgical Institute scheduled to open in 2023.

Featuring 16 state-of-the-art operating rooms and two hybrid operating rooms to accommodate advanced surgical technology and expertise, the institute’s “operating rooms of the future” will support the surgical needs of Palm Beach County and Treasure Coast residents and medical professionals for decades to come. The institute also will feature entirely new infection control processes and systems, real-time and live data feeds, and 3D-guided imagery for improved surgical precision.

The new Surgical Institute will bring the latest surgical technologies and innovations while providing the best possible care and outcomes for patients and their families.

It will feature:

  • 18 large operating rooms that integrate advanced surgical, imaging, and information technology services, including multi-location data and image collection to keep surgical teams informed in real-time of a patient’s status
  • Two hybrid operating rooms that allow for the combination of image-guided surgery with open procedures; in the estimated 1,000 sq foot hybrid OR space surgeons, radiologists, and other medical providers will join forces, performing sophisticated procedures with the advantage of real-time consultations
  • An entirely revamped and enlarged Sterile Processing Department ensures optimal patient safety and leading-edge infection control. It will feature high-tech cleaning processes, hands-free doors, enhanced ventilation, and conveyor systems, built-in sterilization lighting and ultrasonic decontamination, standardized workstations, and greater storage capacity
  • New anesthesia workrooms, modern nurses’ stations and clinical offices, a new physicians’ lounge, and private consultation rooms for pre-and post-operative meetings — all designed to enhance collaboration and communication among caregivers, families, visitors, and patients
  • An enlarged and dedicated family waiting area, with access to outdoor spaces, covered parking for privacy and ease of movement, and technology that delivers real-time data about a patient’s progress/status
  • Live video feeds to enhance two-way surgical teaching and technology-assisted, experiential learning for medical students, surgery support staff, and medical providers

Under one roof at Jupiter Medical Center, surgeons, nurses, radiologists, infection control specialists, and other medical providers will perform sophisticated surgical procedures and focus on delivering the nation’s most innovative surgical care.

World-class surgical care is here.

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